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NuvoH2O water softeners use citrus rather than salt to treat hard water, which means they increase the life and efficiency of major appliances and fixtures. You can be the one to help homeowners treat their hard water issues!

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No slick residual feeling when using the bath.

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Replaceable cartridges means no more bags of salt.

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Uses no electricity, which lowers costs.

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No waste water means that you don't need to install a drain.

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Ongoing certification through program specific training seminars.
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RS&I assists with marketing efforts for retailers.
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No Precipitation or Scale
NuvoH2O system binds and isolates the calcium ions, preventing them from precipitating out and forming scale. Once bound to CitraCharge, the NuvoH2O chelant, the mineral cannot form scale.

Citric Acid
A primary ingredient in CitraCharge is an FDA approved citric acid. Citric acid is a weak organic acid that occurs in fruits and vegetables. It is a natural chelant and preservative, and is used in many foods and soft drinks.

Hard Water PH Levels
CitraCharge naturally decreases the pH of hard water—which is nearly always alkaline—closer to the neutral range, reducing its potential for scale formation.

Filter Options
NuvoH2O offers a wide variety of water softeners to help homeowners pick the right solution for their size of household.

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RS&I NuvoH2O Territory

RS&I covers the United States with our NuvoH2O footprint. No matter where you operate within our NuvoH2O territory, rest assured that there is a strategically located RS&I branch near you to bring proximity for lower shipping costs and guidance for building your business.

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