Why sell T‑Mobile™
Home Internet?

Join the Direct-to-Consumer sales program from T‑Mobile™ operated by Caliber. Offer reliable Home Internet. T‑Mobile™ operated by Caliber provides the best value for Home Internet.

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T‑Mobile™ operated by Caliber has a nationwide sales program.

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Door-to-door canvassing techniques.

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Events to promote your business.

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Face-to-face sales opportunities.

What's In It For You?

Ongoing specific program and product training is provided via in-person and hosted meetings by partners.
Access your personal business suite for detailed reporting.
RS&I assists with marketing efforts for dealers.
Personal RS&I Area Sales Managers provide assistance in building your business.

What Opportunities Do You
Have with the
operated by Caliber
sales program?

Best Prices
T‑Mobile™ Home Internet provides the best value in home internet for customers on America's Largest 5G Network™ and the best opportunity for sales reps.

Reliable Connection
Now with a stronger, more reliable network than ever before, customers get more coverage and better service. T‑Mobile™ is the leader in 5G and is now America's largest and fastest 5G network.

Customer Service
In 2020, T‑Mobile™ was acknowledged by Newsweek as a company with the best customer service. They have also received J.D. Power's Recognition for Wireless Customer Care Service Performance for four years in a row.

Technological products and services are designed to enhance the wireless experience. As T‑Mobile™ continues to innovate, their offers continue to get smarter and more reliable.

United States map showing T‑Mobile™ coverage
*The cities shown are RS&I locations. T-Mobile™ operated by Caliber is available to sell anywhere across the country, not limited to these locations.

Ready To Join?

Over 2,500 dealers choose RS&I because we offer opportunity. Your next great business venture is just a click away!

It All Starts With The Click Of A Button.
It All Starts With The Click Of A Button.