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RS&I offers opportunities with some of the strongest brands in the industry. You choose the ones that best suit your business and market.

Who Is RS&I?

RS&I is a master sales agent and distributor with nearly 50 years of success. Our full-service sales and distribution centers serve more than 2,500 independent retailers throughout the United States. We invite you to experience our legendary service for yourself.

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What Does RS&I Do?

RS&I is experienced in the development and administration of authorized retailer opportunities. Our sales programs include television technology, internet and phone services, home security, and more. We know how to efficiently bring products and services to the market.

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How Does RS&I Do It?

RS&I manages an integrated distribution network of nine strategically located sales and distribution centers serving the western U.S., which means that items are always available at each location when you need to order.

Sales | Distribution | Administration | Development
Sales | Distribution | Administration | Development
Our Products

RS&I carries all of the hardware, accessories,
and tools to complete the installation of every
RS&I service. Look no further than here!

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Read the latest about what's happening in the industry, find tips for getting started with RS&I, and more!

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Over 2,000 retailers choose RS&I because we offer opportunity. Your next great business venture is just a click away!

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It All Starts With The Click Of A Button.
It All Starts With The Click Of A Button.