Installation products & Accessories

Tools that get the job done.

Installation Product and Accessories

We carry all the primary hardware, partner-approved installation accessories, plus the peripheral tools required to complete the installation of every service provided through RS&I. Select from a variety of fittings, cable and other components. Look no further for your hardware needs.

installer start up kit
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Pre-approved Hardware

Assure full reimbursement and customer peace of mind by using pre-approved hardware designed for DISH and HughesNet installations.

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Laser Brand

RS&I's own exclusive product and accessory brand ensures competitive pricing, which translates into lower costs for you.

RS&I Approved Vendor Partners

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  • PPC logo
  • Digital electronic supply logo
  • Applied Instruments logo
  • ReadyNet logo
  • Winegard logo
  • Fuse LED logo
  • Holland Electronics LCC logo
  • Steren logo
  • Corning Gilbert logo
  • Maclean Senior Industries logo
  • Homas and Betts logo
  • Allied Bolt Logo
  • Cable Prep logo
  • Aska
  • Actiontec logo
  • Linksys logo
  • PDR Mounts
  • Peerless mounts

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