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EZ Marketing

What does RS&I's EZ-Marketing mean for you?

Various Available Marketing Materials

EZ-Marketing is an advertising agency created by RS&I to help you navigate the advertised co-op programs offered by our Corporate Partners such as HughesNet. Our goal is to help you build your business by maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising dollars. We know these programs inside and out and will help you avoid costly mistakes. EZ-Marketing is 100% free to approved RS&I Dealers.

What types of advertising programs are available to you?

Print Advertising

Print Advertising

Includes direct mail flyers, newspaper inserts, shared mailings, door hangers and letter packs. Remember to include demographic profiling and call center services!

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Websites and eSales systems give you a personalized online presence. Essential for expanding your reach on social, local and mobile platforms.

Event Advertising

Event Advertising

Complete your next event setup with banners, flags and signs, pop-up tents, tradeshow displays, mall kiosks and more.

Interested in our marketing materials?

EZ-Marketing Portal

Looking for marketing materials? Get all these and more on our portal site.

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