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RS&I is a master sales agent and distributor with nearly 50 years of success.  Our primary expertise is in the development and administration of authorized retailer opportunities.

Founded in the late 1960s, we have grown to include full-service sales and distribution centers serving a network of more than 2,500 independent retailers throughout the Western and Central United States.

Authorized retailer opportunities in satellite TV and Internet services are the backbone of our business.  They're complimented by opportunities in home automation and security, landline and Internet phone services, water softening systems, and consumer electronics.  As a pioneer in these fields, we know how to bring these products and services to market in an efficient and profitable way.

In addition to sales and distribution services from our corporate partners, we facilitate new retailer recruitment, one-on-one service, retailer certification and training, online business management tools and marketing support.  Depending on the program, we also provide fulfillment and installation services throughout the United States.

We're proud of the organization we have built and we invite you to experience our legendary service for yourself.  Whether you are an established company in need of professional sales and distribution services, or an independent retail business wanting to expand your business, a partnership with RS&I may be a perfect fit for you!

Randy Anderson profile picture

Randy Anderson


Wally Gruel profile picture

Wally Gruel

Senior VP of Sales

Brain Derusha profile picture

Brian DeRusha

Chief Operating Officer

Craig Harker profile picture

Craig Harker

VP of Logistics

Steve Poulsen profile picture

Steve Poulsen

VP of Marketing

Scott Rydalch profile picture

Scott Rydalch

Chief Information Officer

Marc Garitone profile picture

Marc Garitone

Chief Financial Officer

Tyson Walker profile picture

Tyson Walker

VP of Operations

David Carrillo profile picture

David Carrillo

T-Mobile & GotW3 National Sales Manager

Dave Niemann profile picture

Dave Niemann

HughesNet National Sales Manager

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