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Our sales programs include Wireless Phones, Fiber and Satellite Internet, Television Technology, Home Security and Automation, and Residential Solar.

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Dish Program

DISH is committed to finding the right dealers and helping them succeed. By diversifying your business with DISH, you will unlock new revenue opportunities with a focus on new and existing pay-TV subscribers.

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Hughesnet Program

HughesNet Gen5 offers a range of Internet plans with fast speeds, unlimited data with no hard data caps, and built-in Wi-Fi so customers can stream more, connect more, and experience more. It's America's #1 choice for satellite Internet!

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RS&I Solar Program

Did you know you can make money from the sun's energy? RS&I Solar and Freedom Forever provide your customers freedom from high electric bills. Freedom Forever's guarantee is the best in the industry. Amazing revenue opportunities for your business with RS&I Solar!

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AT&T Broadband Program

Today the Internet provides limitless possibilities for individuals at home and at the office. AT&T Broadband provides blazing fast Internet speeds at straightforward prices to the customer! AT&T Broadband provides great earning potential for your business. See if AT&T Broadband is available in your area and add this great sales program to your portfolio of products.

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Vivint Program

The home automation and security industry is growing and expanding rapidly, and Vivint Smart Home is well positioned to lead the pack with their world-class products and services. Now is your chance to be at the top!

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T‑Mobile™ Home Internet
operated by Caliber

Join the Direct-to-Consumer sales program from T‑Mobile™ operated by Caliber. Offer reliable Home Internet. T‑Mobile™ operated by Caliber provides the best value for Home Internet.

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gotW3 Program

When you become a gotW3 Authorized Dealer through RS&I, you get the sales and marketing support you need to start building a sustainable and profitable business. Get started selling this on-the-go Internet.

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Sony Program

Associate your business with brands that people know and trust. SONY is a company committed and dedicated to offering superior products. These products can form the basis for your highly competitive business solution.

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