Question: What/Who is RS&I?

Answer: We are a Master Sales Agent and Distributor for the best brands in telecommunication products in the United States including AT&T Wireless & Fiber, Brightspeed, CenturyLink/Quantum Fiber, DISH Network, Frontier, Hughesnet, and Vivint Smart Home. We've been in the business of setting up Authorized Dealers for success for over 50 years. We are headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and we have Area Sales Managers located all across the United States.

Question: What is an Authorized Dealer?

Answer: An Authorized Dealer is a business that is approved and enabled by a brand to sell their products and services.

Question: What does it cost to become an Authorized Dealer with RS&I?

Answer: To participate in our Authorized Dealer sales programs, there are no large up-front costs or investments. There are no franchise fees. There may be minimal costs to acquire business licenses/insurance, background checks, etc. to begin selling with us.

Question: As an Authorized Dealer, do I have to sell everything RS&I offers?

Answer: No! We partner with various brands nationwide so that our dealers can tailor their sales programs to their specific customers and markets. However, the dealers who see the most success take full advantage of cross-selling opportunities with our products and partners in order to offer several solutions for their customers' needs.

Question: Do I need to have a storefront to be an Authorized Dealer?

Answer: No, a physical/brick-and-mortar storefront is not required for most of our Authorized Dealer programs. You can go to market in any mix you choose including door-to-door, call center sales, event selling, digital/online marketing, and more.

Question: Do I have to stock inventory?

Answer: With most of our sales programs, the answer is no. Authorized Dealers for DISH and Hughesnet (which involve installations) do require inventory to service customers.

Question: What locations can I sell in?

Answer: We partner with the biggest and best brands, and our Authorized Dealers can sell all across the United States. Some products/services may be regional.

Question: What kinds of products and services does RS&I offer?

Answer: Our partnerships with industry-leading brands allow our dealers to sell the best in wireless phones, fiber internet, satellite TV, satellite internet, fixed wireless internet, and home security/automation technologies.

Question: What kind of support does RS&I give to Authorized Dealers?

Answer: By choosing RS&I, our dealers gain unmatched support developed over the past 50+ years we've been in business including:

At RS&I we believe in long-term partnerships. We are here to support you and your business growth every step of the way, not just during the initial setup. It's an ongoing and collaborative relationship for as long as you're a dealer with us. However, we also don't dictate to you how you manage the daily operations of your business.

Question: How can I go to market as an Authorized Dealer?

Answer: Our Authorized Dealer programs provide many opportunities for you to sell our partners' products. These range from Door-to-Door (D2D) sales, digital marketing, event marketing, traditional advertising, yard signs, billboards, and more.

Question: Can I be an authorized dealer for more than one program?

Answer: Yes! Our most successful Authorized Dealers take advantage of selling several different products and services that we offer, using cross-selling to give their customers whole-home solutions.

Question: How long does it take to become an Authorized Dealer with RS&I?

Answer: It varies, depending largely on how engaged you are in the process, whether you already have proper business licensing etc. However, we can onboard a new dealer in as little as 10 business days if you are well-organized and actively engaged in getting started selling!

Question: Can I buy products from you for my home / Does RS&I sell directly to consumers?

Answer: We don't sell products or services directly to consumers. If you're looking for services to purchase as a consumer, we recommend contacting a local retailer in your area, or the brand owner of the service you're looking to purchase.

Question: Can you install or fix my DISH/phone/internet/etc.?

Answer: We aren't able to fix or repair installations. If you need customer support, we recommend contacting a local retailer, or the brand owner for the service you need assistance.