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RS&I is a master sales agent and distributor with over 50 years of success. Our full-service sales and distribution centers serve over 2,500 independent dealers throughout United States. We invite you to experience our legendary service for yourself.

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United States map showing RS&I's convenient locations across the country

Idaho Headquarters

2436 North Woodruff Avenue
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Toll-Free Number: 1.800.825.7999
Direct Number: 208.523.5721
Email Address: rsiidahofalls@rsiinc.com

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Sacramento Branch

925 National Drive, Suite 107
Sacramento, CA 95834

Toll-Free Number: 1.800.374.8031
Direct Number: 916.414.0218
Email Address: rsisacramento@rsiinc.com

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Corona Branch

9106 Pulsar Court, Suite F
Corona, CA 92883

Toll-Free Number: 1.877.272.8901
Direct Number: 951.272.8900
Email Address: rsicorona@rsiinc.com

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Dallas Branch

2100 Exchange
Arlington, TX 76011

Toll-Free Number: 1.800.927.7743
Direct Number: 817.261.4222
Email Address: rsidallas@rsiinc.com

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Houston Branch

13610 Rankin Circle East
Houston, TX 77073

Toll-Free Number: 1.800.695.1239
Direct Number: 281.209.2600
Email Address: rsihouston@rsiinc.com

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Phoenix Branch

3804 East Roeser Road
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Toll-Free Number: 1.800.266.1969
Direct Number: 602.470.1969
Email Address: rsiphoenix@rsiinc.com

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Great Lakes Branch

406 Interpane Lane
Deerfield, WI 53531

Toll-Free Number: 1.877.868.1501
Direct Number: 608.764.8555
Email Address: rsigreatlakes@rsiinc.com

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Our Management Team

Our team is comprised of some of the best people in our industry.

James Dunn
CEOJames Dunn, Chief Executive Officer of RS&I Inc.
Wally Gruel
Senior VP SalesWally Gruel, Senior Vice President of Sales for RS&I, Inc.
Marc Garitone
CFOMarc Garitone, Chief Financial Officer of RS&I Inc.
Tyson Walker
VP OperationsTyson Walker, Vice President of Operations for RS&I Inc.
Steve Poulsen
VP MarketingSteve Poulsen, Vice President of Marketing for RS&I Inc.
Scott Rydalch
CIOScott Rydalch, Chief Information Officer of RS&I Inc.
Bartt Adamson
VP LogisticsBartt Adamson, Vice President of Logistics for RS&I, Inc.
Michael Mikolajczak
VP SalesMichael Mikolajczak, Vice President of Sales for RS&I, Inc.
Dan Tolbertson
DISH Commercial
National Sales Manager
Dan Tolbertson, AT&T and DISH Commercial National Sales Manager for RS&I Inc.
Dana Wade
National Sales Manager
Dana Wade, Hughesnet and vivint National Sales Manager for RS&I Inc.
Levi Williams
T-Mobile™ Home Internet
National Sales Manager
Levi Wiliams, Lumen and T-Mobile National Sales Manager for RS&I Inc.
Craig Martin
Director of Sales;
AT&T Small Business
Craig Martin, Director of Sales; AT&T Small Business for RS&I Inc.
Sean Wise
Director of Sales
AT&T National Retail
Sean Wise, Director of Sales; AT&T National Retail
Landon Martinsen
Director of Sales
Fiber & OOF Wireless
Landon Martinsen, Director of Sales; Fiber & OOF Wireless
Craig Harker
Craig Harker, Vice President of Logistics (Retired) for RS&I, Inc.

What do a snowmobile and a satellite dish have in common? If you were to ask Gary Olsen, the founder of RS&I, his answer would provide insights into how a snowmobile business based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, fought to become one of the largest sales and distribution companies in the United States.

RS&I got its start selling recreational vehicles, and our journey to the top really took off in the late 1960s as we made the switch to selling satellites and established a business model to handle the sales and distribution needs of our authorized dealers. Since that time, we've continued to grow and evolve, building new opportunities, and maintaining valuable long-term relationships with our partners, all of which are driven by the success of our authorized dealers.

The individual success of each one of our dealers is the top priority for the RS&I team. We work diligently every day to help them thrive, because the overall success of RS&I is entirely dependent on the success of our dealers.

We are proud of the wonderful long-term partnerships that we have, and we are excited about growing opportunities with future partners.


Sports Cycle Sales

Gary Olsen pursues his passion for racing motorcycles and opens a small motorcycle shop in his garage, Sports Cycle Sales.


Largest Retailer

Gary is awarded the Northwest Regional Distributionship, and his growing reputation leads Sports Cycle Sales to become the largest Hodaka Retailer in the West.



Gary incorporates his business under the name Recreational Sports and Imports, Inc. Over the next 10 years, it will expand to include a full line of recreational vehicles and accessories.


A New Direction

Gary is introduced to the new technology TVRO and begins to sell dish antennas to local farmers. By 1982 RS&I will be among the largest distributors in the country.


Emerging Industry

RS&I jumps on with the VSAT antenna revolution as the first distributor to contract with Primestar, an emerging mini-dish service provider.


Satellite Opportunities

RS&I partners with Hughesnet, giving independent dealers the opportunity to provide Satellite Internet to the Western United States.

Primestar is purchased by DirecTV. RS&I continues as the nation's largest distributor for the DirecTV Authorized Dealer Program.


Dish Network

RS&I teams up with DISH Network, becoming the largest DISH distributor in the United States.


LG Electronics

RS&I adds commercial flat panel displays by LG Electronics.


Qwest, SONY, &
General Dynamics

RS&I adds phone services through Qwest.

RS&I adds consumer electronics, TVs and Home Entertainment Systems by SONY.

RS&I adds enterprise Internet service and mobile VSAT by Galaxy and General Dynamics.


RingCentral & CenturyLink

RS&I adds cloud-based business phone solutions by RingCentral, and DSL Internet services through CenturyLink.



RS&I adds Home Security and Automation through Vivint.



RS&I partners with Ooma Office and Home Phone service.


NuvoH2O & LGCY

RS&I adds NuvoH2O to offer a soft water solution without the use of salt.

RS&I partners with LGCY Power to help customers go green and save money.



Sprint is added as another sales program for RS&I Dealers.



RS&I partners with gotW3 to provide Mobile Satellite Internet through our Dealers.



T-Mobile™ purchases Sprint to become the nation's best value in wireless on America's Largest 5G Network™


RS&I Solar

RS&I teams up with Freedom Forever Solar to provide freedom from high electric bills with the industry's best guarantee.


AT&T Broadband

AT&T joins forces with RS&I to bring AT&T Broadband Internet to residences across the U.S.

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